Photo Gallery

The Land Of Big Files That Download Slowly.

I’ve got thousands of pictures saved up in boxes. A very limited number of them will show up here. A somewhat larger percentage will appear now that I’m shooting SLR digital, although it’s still mostly subject to demand; they appear if/when somebody asks to see ‘em.


Pictures From A Graduation (with apologies to Mussorgsky).


Photos and video from Bluestreet Voices' Cool Yule vocal jazz concert.

Memories of my trip to Italy.


The band D.A.B. in concert.


An absurdly elaborate birthday/anniversary/and-more party: BentoCon


We have managed to lure my nephews to Seattle for a visit.

A very limited selection of highlights from our trip to England.

Photo memories of Dave & Kathy's Wedding.


My friend Bruce receives a flight in a biplane over Seattle as his birthday present, and I’m invited to tag along. Wheeeee!


We travel to Japan for the World Science Fiction Convention. (August/September, 2007)


Kathy, Beverly, Rick, and I help The Mouse celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. (October, 2005)

My 20th High School Reunion. (June, 2005)


I don't know if or when most of the pictures from our trip to Seoul will get online, but by special request, here's a gallery of selected Korean Hangul letterforms. (March, 2004)


My brother and friends celebrating their graduation.


Some digital snapshots from a trip to New York City in May of 2001.

Mom’s Retirement Party.

Watching fireworks from the banks of the ship canal on the 4th of July.

What you might find at a drag show.

A few pictures from WorldCon 2001, the Millenium Philcon.

The LaFemme International Seattle regional drag show competition.

The family, celebrating Christmas.


Back to Disneyland, with Kathy and Thea, May 2000.

Christmas 2000, with friends and relatives galore.


Alexandria Digital Literature’s trip to the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show.

Baguio City, Phillipines. Summer ‘99.


The Corum/Townsend Family Reunion 1998

Emily (neé Dyke) and Gavin Jewell’s wedding.


Margaret and Bruce get married.


We’re going to Disneyland! (After the L.A. WorldCon, that is.)