Graduation Party 2002

Pre-event Picture

Setting Up

Guests Arrive

Sammy Playing Peekaboo

Kids on the Stairs

Brian, Beth

Birthday Cake

Erin Reads One of Her Cards

Eric, Michelle, Erin, Ed

John Arrives

Brian, ???, Sammy, John

Sammy, Marissa, Jody, Kathy

A Pat on the Head

Reading His Card

Erin, Jessica, Paul, Sammy


Catching Up

A Doggie!

Petting the Dog

"You Go, Girl!"


Hannah Talking to Jessica

Gramma, Mom, Son


"I'll Have Some More Beans"

The Crowd

The Artist At Work

Finishing Touches

Deep Concentration

Say, Has John Had A Bit Too Much?


Everybody's Niece & Nephew

Sammy's Elton John Impression

I'm So Funny!

The Doctors
If you'd like me to fill in some more names that I didn't know, just email me the information at, and I'll add it in.

©2002 Dave Howell