Dave's Web Site

Oh, I know. There are large chunks of my site that haven't changed in at least ten years. These days most people don't even remember (or know) that you can have an entire web site of your very own, entirely free of Content Management or Terms of Use or the like. It's all InstaSnapFaceChatter.

But that's why I'm going to keep my own personal site for a while. Because there's a lot of material here that's just as useful (or useless) now as it was when I first put it here online, and it's still here. It hasn't scrolled off to oblivion or obscurity, it hasn't been trapped behind a paywall or hidden from Google or monetized or vanished when the host company merged or folded. It hasn't become un-maintainable because my copy of Dreamweaver or iWeb or HoTMeTaL doesn't run any more. It's all here, hand-written in HTML.

Admittedly I don't add new material nearly as often as I used to. Life happens. I've had other web sites occupying my attention. Too bad. I expect one of these days I will finally stop hosting the site on my own personal server, but I'm willing to bet that when I die, I'll still have some version of this web site online. Facebook didn't obsolete it, smartphones haven't made it irrelevant, and nothing I see coming is likely to replace what this collection of material is, and does.


Stuff of Possible Interest to Random Strangers

Some essays I have written.

Various documents related to my Golden Guidelines for Good Game Design.

Some logos I have designed. Also, a set of map tags I made for use with Google Maps.

Some works of art I have concocted.

A variety of items relating to board and card games, including some game rules I have documented, and some game boards I have made.

Some Magic: the Gathering material I have excavated for historical reasons.

A selection of documents related to Foolscap, an SF convention I helped start.

The once-obligatory Page of Interesting Links, by no means guaranteed to still take you some place, depending on age.

A plethora of me elsewhere on the web, as well as some people who are not me.

Stuff Probably of Interest Only to Friends & Family

The gallery of photographs, which will slowly be re-uploaded as my whims dictate.

(Mostly) useful hints for selecting gifts for the birthday or the Christmas.