Dave's Web Site

Stuff of Possible Interest to Random Strangers

Some essays I have written.

Various documents related to my Golden Guidelines for Good Game Design.

Some logos I have designed. (note, some images currently missing due to a hard drive failure) Also, a set of map tags I made for use with Google Maps.

Some works of art I have concocted.

Some programs I have written.

A variety of items relating to board and card games, including some game rules I have documented, and some game boards I have made.

Some Magic: the Gathering material I have excavated for historical reasons.

My old Kool-aid collecting/trading page, now somewhat obsolete.

The obligatory Page of Interesting Links, by no means guaranteed to still take you some place, depending on age.

A plethora of me elsewhere on the web, as well as some people who are not me.

Stuff of Interest Only to Friends & Family

The gallery of photographs, which will slowly be re-uploaded as my whims dictate.

(Mostly) useful hints for selecting gifts for the birthday or the Christmas.

A selection of documents related to Foolscap, an SF convention I helped start.