Here are pictures I took at the family reunion.

19980621a36: Just who was already there when we arrived Friday evening... 
1998062702: Unpacking. No, we're not staying in the teepee tonight.
1998062703: Making new friends quickly.
1998062705: Some folks enjoying the shade.
1998062706: More folks, different shade.
1998062708: One of our greeters, Sam the dog.
1998062711: Some of us went on a short nature walk to an island. Here, the intrepid hikers are just getting a view of a small obstacle. The bridge to the island.
1998062712:  Here's the bridge you cross to get there. Somehow, the crossing was uneventful for all.
1998062713: Some pretty big trees.
1998062714: And tall!

1998062715: Exploring the bank of the river.
1998062716: Did I say the trees were tall?
1998062717: Some handy humans are posed to show the size of the trunk. Did I say the trees were big?
1998062718: Crossing back to shore.
1998062719: More people who wouldn't oblige my hope for an action shot by falling in. Oh, well.
1998062720: Some folks turned back, and some continued on. There *are* some people in this shot, walking away down the road.
1998062722: Some folks thought sittin' and talkin' was the more appealing activity.
1998062723: Or talkin' and drawin'.
1998062724: The discovery of dirt.
1998062725: Hey, they're my family. Of course they show up a lot.
1998062726: Claudia and Linda are trying to solve the puzzle of who all's related to whom.
1998062727: Some kind of spontaneous group photo of the Townsend side.
1998062728: Ach! They just won't hold still!
1998062729: Since people were in the mood for a group photo, we all gather to take some.
1998062730: My camera decides to play tricks on me, and takes the picture only two seconds after I press the button. That's me, off the right side of the picture, running toward the group. Or at least, if the frame were wider, you'd be able to see my back.
1998062731: Zounds! It did it again!
1998062732: A convenient passers-by was pressed into button-pushing duty. I am finally included. Yes, everybody's very teeny-weeny in this web shot. Since this is the one that came out, I made a special extra-big version if you want to see it. It's 600K, so the link is set to automatically open a new window. Click, then go back to looking at the other photos while it downloads.
1998062733: Hey! Dinner!
1998062734: and diners.
1998062735: Some of these folks are starting to look familar.
1998062736: Eleanor decides that Brian and Marissa look cute enough to photograph. I decide to capture Eleanor's opinion of the scene.
19980628b01: The two small mobile ones discover each other. Marissa decided to keep an eye on them.
19980628b06: They actually held still long enough to get one picture. Just one.
19980628b07: Claudia's trying to diagram the family trees.
19980628b08: I think this is breakfast, but I'm not sure...
19980628b09: Something's cooking in the kitchen.
19980628b10: The photo album. More memories than you can shake a stick at.
19980628b11: The reunion site. No, really, it's in there behind the trees.
19980628b12: A certain smart-alec who kept pressing his face against the glass, making faces, then jumping away when I'd lift my camera. So one time I just fired off a shot from waist level. Heh heh heh.
19980628b13: Front porch.
19980628b15: Oh, we had to get a family photo. Back Row: Brian, Dave, Michael. Front Row: Hannah, Marissa, Mildred, Linda. Maybe one of these days we can add some family trees to this little gallery. :)
19980628b16: Guests start arriving for the big wedding.
19980628b17: Claudia and Chris
19980628b19: Singing.
19980628b20: The first ring...
19980628b21: ...goes on Claudia
19980628b22: Claudia returns the favor.
19980628b23: Most everybody who witnessed can be seen in this shot. Well, the actual photo is a little bigger. This is my substitute for a group photo on Saturday, since the roster had changed a bit at this point.
19980628b24: The Kiss.
19980628b28: Hannah is enchanted by the ribbons on the bride's boquet.
19980628b30: What are rocks for?
19980628b34: Some post-wedding photos.
I think I've got some more photos on one last roll that I'll pick up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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