Game Rules

I’ve now posted enough game rules that I have to subdivide.

Games By Other People

Pinochle, specifically “Single Deck Partnership Auction Racehorse Pinochle.”

Celebrities, a great party game, especially for larger groups.

Eleusis, a strange inductive reasoning game.

Skitgubbe, aka “The Swedish Goat Game,” a very out-of-the-ordinary card game.

My Own Games

Twisty Passages, Flathead Rummy and Trophy Case are three games I created for the Deluxe Fanucci deck.

Deep Six exists because my family played a lot of Pinochle when I was growing up (well, we still do), and if we didn’t have a Pinochle deck handy, we’d make one by pulling cards from two regular decks. Pretty soon, we had a drawerful of the leftovers; two through eight in all the suits. I figured the world needed a game that could use those leftover decks. Deep Six is my attempt to provide that game. There’s also a Scoring Reference, and a Scorekeeping sheet.