Game Stuff

Game Rules

I’ve got enough game rules online now that they need their own little page. Without question, my most-visited page is the one with my rules for Pinochle, specifically “Single Deck Partnership Auction Racehorse Pinochle.” However, there are also rules for Celebrities which is now available commercially as “Time’s Up,” for Eleusis and Skitgubbe, as well as a bunch of rules for games I designed myself, including games for the Fanucci deck, and a game to play with an anti-Pinochle deck.


An invitation to solve my Puzzle Song.

Game Boards, Bits, and Accessories

Game boards I have made.

A suggested organizational strategy for the various counters of Betrayal at House on the Hill.

A superior game screen for games where you need to have a little wall to hide things from other players.

The Twister Deck, a small strategic enhancement to that classic party game.

A map of the Origin Sector for the mobile massively-multiplayer online game Star Trek: Fleet Command.

Professional Game Work

Magic: the Gathering material I have excavated for historical reasons.

My Deluxe Fanucci deck, with some rules for games that use it.

Research into shuffling; how much is enough?

Playing Games

A not very up-to-date inventory of games I have.

A truly epic game of Letterpress I enjoyed.