Fancy Boards for Cheapass Games

Inveterate graphic designer that I am, I really enjoy solving design puzzles like board games. So when James started bringing out cheap b/w games that looked worse than the prototypes that I made up for game testing, well, Something Had To Be Done.

Bitin' Off Hedz

Bitin' Off Hedz just seemed too small to me. A dinosaur game needed a dinosaur board. Also, color printers are cheap these days. So I talked James into giving the the TIFF file for the board, and I sucked it into Photoshop, doubled the pixel count, spent way too much time colorizing it, and assembled the pieces with cardboard and Tyvek. I found some extra faboo dinosaurs at Toys R Us, and added rocks by stealing nice bits of gravel from a friend's driveway.

A close up showing more detail. Yea, I know, the pictures are small. I need to rescan with a couple more pixels.

Kill Dr. Lucky

The first board I did was more elaborate than Hedz. Dr. Lucky's Mansion cried out for a three dimensional treatment, and a design that was subtly reminiscent of Clue. Voila. Also below is a detail.