News From The Snark: Patrolling the Border

February 16, 1994

You may or may not have heard rumors about the Revised Edition not having gray borders. If you haven't, well, pretend you did. As it happens, it's true. The Revised Edition will have the same borders as the Unlimited Edition did. (A note: the Revised Edition is also an unlimited print run, which means we're not going to set a limit on how many we print.)

The decision to use gray borders was met with much resistance and unhappiness by customers and distributors, and the original decision to use gray borders was a difficult one. What tipped the scales was manufacturing problems. The gray border resulted in the cards running through the press twice instead of once, and a slight weakening of the card stock. The reduced quality of the card that resulted, combined with our customer concerns, have resulted in a decision to stay with the white borders.

Dave "Snark" Howell

Cyberspace Liaison, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.