The Regathering

W e made multiple attempts to print an improved version of the core set before finally getting Revised out the door. Our original plan had been to mark unlimited sets with a

grayborder, not white. (And I don't mean silver, either.) We fourd out later this was technically too difficult, and had to settle for the much less esthetically satisfying white.

The Regathering, post-Arabian Nights

Our second attempt was after Arabian Nights had been released, so we had a list of which 1st edition cards were going to be replaced with Arabian Nights cards. The following list is from a version of the master card-text file with a timestamp of December 3, 1993.

SUMMARY OF SUBSTITUTIONS (already made in text): Lich --> El Hajajj Word of Command --> Sorceress Queen Twiddle --> Unstable Mutation Jade Statue --> Brass Man Time Vault --> Aladdin's Ring Berserk --> Desert Twister Sinkhole --> Erg Raiders Psionic Blast --> Flying Men Chaosorb --> Bottle of Solomon Cyclopean Tomb --> Pyramid Gauntlet of Might --> Jandor's Ring Invisibility --> Fishliver Oil False Orders --> Kird Ape Blaze of Glory --> Eye for an Eye 2 - Headed Giant --> Mijae Djinn Camoflauge --> Sandstorm Raging River --> Magnetic Mountain Mox Sapphire --> Flying Carpet mox jet --> sandals of abdallah mox ruby --> ebony horse mox pearl --> magic saddlebags mox emerald --> dancing scimitar black lotus --> aladdin's lamp timewalk --> island fish jasconius timetwister --> merchant ship ancestral recall --> serendib efreet

The Regathering, post-Antiquities

This version came from an internal memorandum I circulated.

Note the reference to "MTG2," referring to the first major change to the card set since the initial release, even though this would eventually become the "3rd" edition.

The file timestamp is January 15th, 1994, 2:54 pm

Here is the complete list (I hope!) of what cards that were in MTG1 have been replaced with expansion cards in MTG2 (aka Revised Edition, aka Tap Cards, aka Gray-Bordered ones). 2 - Headed Giant --> Mijae Djinn Ancestral Recall --> Serendib Efreet Berserk --> Desert Twister Black Lotus --> Aladdin's Lamp Blaze of Glory --> Eye for an Eye Camoflauge --> Shatterstorm Chaosorb --> Bottle of Solomon Consecrate Land --> Reverse Polarity Copper Tablet --> Ornithopter Cyclopean Tomb --> Mishra's War Machine Dwarven Demolition Team -->Dwarven Weaponsmith False Orders --> Kird Ape Forcefield --> Armageddon Clock Gauntlet of Might --> Jandor's Ring Ice Storm --> Crumble Icy Manipulator --> Rack Illusionary Mask --> Ivory Tower Invisibility --> Reconstruction Ironclaw Orcs --> Atog Jade Statue --> Brass Man Lich --> El Hajajj Mox Emerald --> Dancing Scimitar Mox Jet --> Onulet Mox Pearl --> Magic Saddlebags Mox Ruby --> Ebony Horse Mox Sapphire --> Flying Carpet Natural Selection --> Titania's Song Psionic Blast --> Energy Flux Raging River --> Magnetic Mountain Rare Island #1 --> Millstone Rare Island #2 --> Dragon Engine Rare Island #3 --> Primal Clay Rare Island #4 --> Rocket Launcher Sinkhole --> Erg Raiders Time Vault --> Aladdin's Ring Timetwister --> Hurkyl's Recall Timewalk Island Fish Jasconius Twiddle --> Unstable Mutation Word of Command --> Sorceress Queen