Collector's Checklist

This is pretty self-explanatory: our first "collector's checklist." Way back then, we released these only long after the cards had come out.

I'm amused to note that "Proposal" is on the list.

The file timestamp is December 1st, 1993, 1:27 pm

Magic: The Gathering, First Edition Collector's Card Checklist Here is a complete list of all the cards in the first edition of the game Magic: The Gathering. Each card that is collectably distinct has been assigned a separate card code. The first four letters of the code identify the card as a Magic: The Gathering 1st edition (mtg1). The letter following that is the commonality of the card: D for dirt common, C for common, U for uncommon, and R for rare. After that comes a code for the group the card falls under: L for land, A for artifact, B for black, G for green, R for red, U for blue, and W for white. The next character is the position of the card. Each card in a group would be numbered 1-9, a-z. For example, the common red cards start with mtg1cr1. There are fifteen such cards, so the last one is mtg1crf. The final character in the code, the variant character, is slightly more complex. The first printing of the first edition was marked by a black border on the face of the card. Subsequent editions are marked by a white border. About 25% of the way through the first print run, some of the cards were changed to correct errors. The first print run is thus divided up into the alpha and beta halves of the run. If a card remained unchanged throughout the first printing, the last character is an a. If the card changed, then the alpha print version ends in a, and the beta print version ends in b. All second and subsequent printing cards have a c for the last character. The first printing was a limited run of 10.4 million cards. The white bordered version is an unlimited printing, and has not closed as of 12/1/93. mtg1crbc |---|||| | | ||| \___ Variant | | ||| | | || \____ Position | | || | | | \_____ Color or Type | | | | | \______ Commonality | | | \________ Series | \__________ Deckmaster game If a card has text in quotes after the name, that text appears somewhere in the text block of the card. This is important when trying to identify the alpha and beta versions of a first printing card. Card Code Card Name and Identifying Characteristics ========= ========================================================= mtg1dl1a Island (blue sky, black border) mtg1dl1c Island (blue sky, white border) mtg1dl2a Island (orange/yellow sky, black border) mtg1dl2c Island (orange/ellow sky, white border) mtg1dl3a Island (red sky, black border) mtg1dl3c Island (red sky, white border) mtg1dl4a Mountain (blue sky, black border) mtg1dl4c Mountain (blue sky, white border) mtg1dl5a Mountain (brown sky, black border) mtg1dl5c Mountain (brown sky, white border) mtg1dl6a Mountain (green sky, black border) mtg1dl6c Mountain (green sky, white border) mtg1dl7a Swamp (blue tint, black border) mtg1dl7c Swamp (blue tint, white border) mtg1dl8a Swamp (brown tint, black border) mtg1dl8c Swamp (brown tint, white border) mtg1dl9a Swamp (gray tint, black border) mtg1dl9c Swamp (gray tint, white border) mtg1dlaa Plains (no trees, black border) mtg1dlac Plains (no trees, white border) mtg1dlba Plains (trees, black border) mtg1dlbc Plains (trees, white border) mtg1dlca Plains (pink horizon, black border) mtg1dlcc Plains (pink horizon, white border) mtg1dlda Forest (with mushrooms, black border) mtg1dldc Forest (with mushrooms, white border) mtg1dlea Forest (with path, black border) mtg1dlec Forest (with path, white border) mtg1dlfa Forest (with eyes in tree, black border) mtg1dlfc Forest (with eyes in tree, white border) mtg1cb1a Drudge Skeletons (black border) mtg1cb1c Drudge Skeletons (white border) mtg1cb2a Scathe Zombies (black border) mtg1cb2c Scathe Zombies (white border) mtg1cb3a Frozen Shade (black border) mtg1cb3c Frozen Shade (white border) mtg1cb4a Plague Rats (black border) mtg1cb4c Plague Rats (white border) mtg1cb5a Weakness (black border) mtg1cb5c Weakness (white border) mtg1cb6a Unholy Strength (black border) mtg1cb6c Unholy Strength (white border) mtg1cb7a Raise Dead (black border) mtg1cb7c Raise Dead (white border) mtg1cb8a Pestilence (black border) mtg1cb8c Pestilence (white border) mtg1cb9a Howl from Beyond (black border) mtg1cb9c Howl from Beyond (white border) mtg1cbaa Dark Ritual (black border) mtg1cbac Dark Ritual (white border) mtg1cbba Fear (black border) mtg1cbbc Fear (white border) mtg1cbca Sinkhole (black border) mtg1cbcc Sinkhole (white border) mtg1cbda Terror (black border) mtg1cbdc Terror (white border) mtg1cbea Drain Life (has a B in text, black border) mtg1cbeb Drain Life (has a black mana symbol in text, black border) mtg1cbec Drain Life (white border) mtg1cbfa Paralyze (black border) mtg1cbfc Paralyze (white border) mtg1cg1a Shanodin Dryads (black border) mtg1cg1c Shanodin Dryads (white border) mtg1cg2a Scryb Sprites (black border) mtg1cg2c Scryb Sprites (white border) mtg1cg3a Grizzly Bears (black border) mtg1cg3c Grizzly Bears (white border) mtg1cg4a War Mammoth (black border) mtg1cg4c War Mammoth (white border) mtg1cg5a Wall of Wood (black border) mtg1cg5c Wall of Wood (white border) mtg1cg6a Ironroot Treefolk (black border) mtg1cg6c Ironroot Treefolk (white border) mtg1cg7a Craw Wurm (black border) mtg1cg7c Craw Wurm (white border) mtg1cg8a Giant Spider (black border) mtg1cg8c Giant Spider (white border) mtg1cg9a Llanowar Elves (black border) mtg1cg9c Llanowar Elves (white border) mtg1cgaa Tranquility (black border) mtg1cgac Tranquility (white border) mtg1cgba Regeneration (black border) mtg1cgbc Regeneration (white border) mtg1cgca Wild Growth (black border) mtg1cgcc Wild Growth (white border) mtg1cgda Giant Growth (black border) mtg1cgdc Giant Growth (white border) mtg1cgea Fog (black border) mtg1cgec Fog (white border) mtg1cgfa Stream of Life (black border) mtg1cgfc Stream of Life (white border) mtg1cr1a Goblin Raiders (black border) mtg1cr1c Goblin Raiders (white border) mtg1cr2a Ironclaw Orcs (black border) mtg1cr2c Ironclaw Orcs (white border) mtg1cr3a Gray Ogre (black border) mtg1cr3c Gray Ogre (white border) mtg1cr4a Hurloon Minotaur (black border) mtg1cr4c Hurloon Minotaur (white border) mtg1cr5a Hill Giant (black border) mtg1cr5c Hill Giant (white border) mtg1cr6a Dwarven Warriors (black border) mtg1cr6c Dwarven Warriors (white border) mtg1cr7a Firebreathing (black border) mtg1cr7c Firebreathing (white border) mtg1cr8a Lightning Bolt (black border) mtg1cr8c Lightning Bolt (white border) mtg1cr9a Fireball (black border) mtg1cr9c Fireball (white border) mtg1craa Disintegrate (black border) mtg1crac Disintegrate (white border) mtg1crba Shatter (black border) mtg1crbc Shatter (white border) mtg1crca Earthbind (black border) mtg1crcc Earthbind (white border) mtg1crda Stone Rain (black border) mtg1crdc Stone Rain (white border) mtg1crea Red Elemental Blast (spell type Instant, black border) mtg1creb Red Elemental Blast (spell type Interrupt, black border) mtg1crec Red Elemental Blast (white border) mtg1crfa False Orders (black border) mtg1crfc False Orders (white border) mtg1cu1a Merfolk of the Pearl Trident (black border) mtg1cu1c Merfolk of the Pearl Trident (white border) mtg1cu2a Sea Serpent (black border) mtg1cu2c Sea Serpent (white border) mtg1cu3a Blue Elemental Blast (black border) mtg1cu3c Blue Elemental Blast (white border) mtg1cu4a Flight (black border) mtg1cu4c Flight (white border) mtg1cu5a Unsummon ("CARD ed", black border) mtg1cu5b Unsummon ("discarded", black border) mtg1cu5c Unsummon (white border) mtg1cu6a Phantasmal Terrain (black border) mtg1cu6c Phantasmal Terrain (white border) mtg1cu7a Jump (black border) mtg1cu7c Jump (white border) mtg1cu8a Power Sink (black border) mtg1cu8c Power Sink (white border) mtg1cu9a Prodigal Sorcerer (black border) mtg1cu9c Prodigal Sorcerer (white border) mtg1cuaa Twiddle (black border) mtg1cuab Twiddle ("No effects are generated...", black border) mtg1cuac Twiddle (white border) mtg1cuba Spell Blast (black border) mtg1cubc Spell Blast (white border) mtg1cuca Creature Bond (black border) mtg1cucc Creature Bond (white border) mtg1cuda Power Leak (black border) mtg1cudc Power Leak (white border) mtg1cuea Psychic Venom (black border) mtg1cuec Psychic Venom (white border) mtg1cufa Invisibility (black border) mtg1cufc Invisibility (white border) mtg1cw1a Circle of Protection: Blue (black border) mtg1cw1c Circle of Protection: Blue (white border) mtg1cw2a Circle of Protection: Red (incorrect artist: Anson Maddocks, black border) mtg1cw2b Circle of Protection: Red (correct artist: Mark Tedin, black border) mtg1cw2c Circle of Protection: Red (white border) mtg1cw3a Circle of Protection: White (black border) mtg1cw3c Circle of Protection: White (white border) mtg1cw4a Circle of Protection: Black (black border) mtg1cw4c Circle of Protection: Black (white border) mtg1cw5a Circle of Protection: Green (black border) mtg1cw5c Circle of Protection: Green (white border) mtg1cw6a Benalish Hero (black border) mtg1cw6c Benalish Hero (white border) mtg1cw7a Pearled Unicorn (black border) mtg1cw7c Pearled Unicorn (white border) mtg1cw8a Mesa Pegasus (black border) mtg1cw8c Mesa Pegasus (white border) mtg1cw9a Samite Healer (black border) mtg1cw9c Samite Healer (white border) mtg1cwaa Holy Strength (black border) mtg1cwac Holy Strength (white border) mtg1cwba Disenchant (black border) mtg1cwbc Disenchant (white border) mtg1cwca Guardian Angel (black border) mtg1cwcc Guardian Angel (white border) mtg1cwda Death Ward (incorrect artist: Dan Frazier, black border) mtg1cwdb Death Ward (correct artist: Mark Poole, black border) mtg1cwdc Death Ward (white border) mtg1cwea Healing Salve (black border) mtg1cwec Healing Salve (white border) mtg1cwfa Holy Armor (black border) mtg1cwfc Holy Armor (white border) mtg1ua1a Crystal Rod (black border) mtg1ua1c Crystal Rod (white border) mtg1ua2a Iron Star (black border) mtg1ua2c Iron Star (white border) mtg1ua3a Ivory Cup (black border) mtg1ua3c Ivory Cup (white border) mtg1ua4a Throne of Bone (black border) mtg1ua4c Throne of Bone (white border) mtg1ua5a Wooden Sphere (black border) mtg1ua5c Wooden Sphere (white border) mtg1ua6a Soul Net (black border) mtg1ua6c Soul Net (white border) mtg1ua7a Jade Statue (black border) mtg1ua7c Jade Statue (white border) mtg1ua8a Juggernaut (black border) mtg1ua8c Juggernaut (white border) mtg1ua9a Living Wall (black border) mtg1ua9c Living Wall (white border) mtg1uaaa Obsianus Golem (black border) mtg1uaac Obsianus Golem (white border) mtg1uaba Library of Leng (black border) mtg1uabc Library of Leng (white border) mtg1uaca Black Vise (black border) mtg1uacc Black Vise (white border) mtg1uada Glasses of Urza (black border) mtg1uadc Glasses of Urza (white border) mtg1uaea Sol Ring (black border) mtg1uaec Sol Ring (white border) mtg1uafa Rod of Ruin (black border) mtg1uafc Rod of Ruin (white border) mtg1uaga Copper Tablet (black border) mtg1uagc Copper Tablet (white border) mtg1uaha Icy Manipulator (black border) mtg1uahb Icy Manipulator ("No effects are generated...", black border) mtg1uahc Icy Manipulator (white border) mtg1uaia Conservator (black border) mtg1uaic Conservator (white border) mtg1uaja Basalt Monolith (black border) mtg1uajb Basalt Monolith (with mana symbol in text, black border) mtg1uajc Basalt Monolith (white border) mtg1uaka Celestial Prism (black border) mtg1uakc Celestial Prism (white border) mtg1ub1a Cursed Land (black border) mtg1ub1c Cursed Land (white border) mtg1ub2a Black Knight (black border) mtg1ub2c Black Knight (white border) mtg1ub3a Scavenging Ghoul (black border) mtg1ub3c Scavenging Ghoul (white border) mtg1ub4a Sacrifice (black border) mtg1ub4c Sacrifice (white border) mtg1ub5a Bog Wraith (black border) mtg1ub5c Bog Wraith (white border) mtg1ub6a Hypnotic Specter (black border) mtg1ub6c Hypnotic Specter (white border) mtg1ub7a Sengir Vampire (black border) mtg1ub7c Sengir Vampire (white border) mtg1ub8a Evil Presence (black border) mtg1ub8c Evil Presence (white border) mtg1ub9a Gloom (black border) mtg1ub9c Gloom (white border) mtg1ubaa Simulacrum (black border) mtg1ubac Simulacrum (white border) mtg1ubba Deathgrip (black border) mtg1ubbc Deathgrip (white border) mtg1ubca Demonic Tutor (black border) mtg1ubcc Demonic Tutor (white border) mtg1ubda Animate Dead (black border) mtg1ubdc Animate Dead (white border) mtg1ubea Wall of Bone (black border) mtg1ubec Wall of Bone (white border) mtg1ubfa Nettling Imp (black border) mtg1ubfc Nettling Imp (white border) mtg1ug1a Lure (black border) mtg1ug1c Lure (white border) mtg1ug2a Wall of Brambles (black border) mtg1ug2c Wall of Brambles (white border) mtg1ug3a Wall of Ice (black border) mtg1ug3c Wall of Ice (white border) mtg1ug4a Instill Energy (black border) mtg1ug4c Instill Energy (white border) mtg1ug5a Thicket Basilisk (black border) mtg1ug5c Thicket Basilisk (white border) mtg1ug6a Channel ("Life spent this way...", black border) mtg1ug6b Channel ("Effects that prevent damage...", black border) mtg1ug6c Channel (white border) mtg1ug7a Lifeforce (black border) mtg1ug7c Lifeforce (white border) mtg1ug8a Tsunami (black border) mtg1ug8c Tsunami (white border) mtg1ug9a Wanderlust (black border) mtg1ug9c Wanderlust (white border) mtg1ugaa Berserk (black border) mtg1ugac Berserk (white border) mtg1ugba Hurricane (black border) mtg1ugbc Hurricane (white border) mtg1ugca Camouflage (black border) mtg1ugcc Camouflage (white border) mtg1ugda Regrowth (black border) mtg1ugdc Regrowth (white border) mtg1ugea Ice Storm (black border) mtg1ugec Ice Storm (white border) mtg1ugfa Ley Druid (black border) mtg1ugfc Ley Druid (white border) mtg1ur1a Goblin Balloon Brigade (black border) mtg1ur1c Goblin Balloon Brigade (white border) mtg1ur2a Burrowing (black border) mtg1ur2c Burrowing (white border) mtg1ur3a Flashfires (black border) mtg1ur3c Flashfires (white border) mtg1ur4a Dwarven Demolition Team (black border) mtg1ur4c Dwarven Demolition Team (white border) mtg1ur5a Tunnel (black border) mtg1ur5c Tunnel (white border) mtg1ur6a Uthden Troll (black border) mtg1ur6c Uthden Troll (white border) mtg1ur7a Wall of Fire (black border) mtg1ur7c Wall of Fire (white border) mtg1ur8a Wall of Stone (black border) mtg1ur8c Wall of Stone (white border) mtg1ur9a Fire Elemental (black border) mtg1ur9c Fire Elemental (white border) mtg1uraa Earth Elemental (black border) mtg1urac Earth Elemental (white border) mtg1urba Orcish Oriflamme (casting cost 1R, black border) mtg1urbb Orcish Oriflamme (casting cost 3R, black border) mtg1urbc Orcish Oriflamme (white border) mtg1urca Dragon Whelp (black border) mtg1urcc Dragon Whelp (white border) mtg1urda Stone Giant (black border) mtg1urdc Stone Giant (white border) mtg1urea Keldon Warlord (black border) mtg1urec Keldon Warlord (white border) mtg1urfa Orcish Artillery (casting cost 1R, black border) mtg1urfb Orcish Artillery (casting cost 1RR, black border) mtg1urfc Orcish Artillery (white border) mtg1uu1a Feedback (black border) mtg1uu1c Feedback (white border) mtg1uu2a Clone (black border) mtg1uu2c Clone (white border) mtg1uu3a Animate Artifact (black border) mtg1uu3c Animate Artifact (white border) mtg1uu4a Siren's Call (black border) mtg1uu4c Siren's Call (white border) mtg1uu5a Wall of Water (black border) mtg1uu5c Wall of Water (white border) mtg1uu6a Phantom Monster (black border) mtg1uu6c Phantom Monster (white border) mtg1uu7a Wall of Air (black border) mtg1uu7c Wall of Air (white border) mtg1uu8a Water Elemental (black border) mtg1uu8c Water Elemental (white border) mtg1uu9a Air Elemental (black border) mtg1uu9c Air Elemental (white border) mtg1uuaa Control Magic (black border) mtg1uuac Control Magic (white border) mtg1uuba Steal Artifact (black border) mtg1uubc Steal Artifact (white border) mtg1uuca Lifetap (black border) mtg1uucc Lifetap (white border) mtg1uuda Phantasmal Forces (letter U in text block, black border) mtg1uudb Phantasmal Forces (blue mana symbol in text block, black border) mtg1uudc Phantasmal Forces (white border) mtg1uuea Counterspell (black border) mtg1uuec Counterspell (white border) mtg1uufa Psionic Blast (black border) mtg1uufc Psionic Blast (white border) mtg1uw1a White Knight (black border) mtg1uw1c White Knight (white border) mtg1uw2a White Ward (black border) mtg1uw2c White Ward (white border) mtg1uw3a Black Ward (black border) mtg1uw3c Black Ward (white border) mtg1uw4a Green Ward (black border) mtg1uw4c Green Ward (white border) mtg1uw5a Red Ward (black border) mtg1uw5c Red Ward (white border) mtg1uw6a Blue Ward (black border) mtg1uw6c Blue Ward (white border) mtg1uw7a Karma ("Affects both players.", black border) mtg1uw7b Karma ("...during his or her upkeep.", black border) mtg1uw7c Karma (white border) mtg1uw8a Conversion (black border) mtg1uw8c Conversion (white border) mtg1uw9a Serra Angel (black border) mtg1uw9c Serra Angel (white border) mtg1uwaa Wall of Swords (black border) mtg1uwac Wall of Swords (white border) mtg1uwba Swords to Plowshares (black border) mtg1uwbc Swords to Plowshares (white border) mtg1uwca Lance (black border) mtg1uwcc Lance (white border) mtg1uwda Resurrection (black border) mtg1uwdc Resurrection (white border) mtg1uwea Castle (black border) mtg1uwec Castle (white border) mtg1uwfa Consecrate Land (black border) mtg1uwfc Consecrate Land (white border) mtg1ra1a Mox Sapphire (black border) mtg1ra1c Mox Sapphire (white border) mtg1ra2a Mox Ruby (black border) mtg1ra2c Mox Ruby (white border) mtg1ra3a Mox Pearl (black border) mtg1ra3c Mox Pearl (white border) mtg1ra4a Mox Jet (black border) mtg1ra4c Mox Jet (white border) mtg1ra5a Mox Emerald (black border) mtg1ra5c Mox Emerald (white border) mtg1ra6a Howling Mine (black border) mtg1ra6c Howling Mine (white border) mtg1ra7a Black Lotus (black border) mtg1ra7c Black Lotus (white border) mtg1ra8a Clockwork Beast (black border) mtg1ra8c Clockwork Beast (white border) mtg1ra9a Ankh of Mishra (black border) mtg1ra9c Ankh of Mishra (white border) mtg1raaa Dingus Egg (black border) mtg1raac Dingus Egg (white border) mtg1raba Winter Orb (black border) mtg1rabc Winter Orb (white border) mtg1raca The Hive (black border) mtg1racc The Hive (white border) mtg1rada Sunglasses of Urza (black border) mtg1radc Sunglasses of Urza (white border) mtg1raea Gauntlet of Might (black border) mtg1raec Gauntlet of Might (white border) mtg1rafa Jade Monolith (black border) mtg1rafc Jade Monolith (white border) mtg1raga Cyclopean Tomb (missing casting cost, black border) mtg1ragb Cyclopean Tomb (casting cost present: 4, black border) mtg1ragc Cyclopean Tomb (white border) mtg1raha Chaos Orb (black border) mtg1rahc Chaos Orb (white border) mtg1raia Meekstone (black border) mtg1raic Meekstone (white border) mtg1raja Disrupting Scepter (black border) mtg1rajc Disrupting Scepter (white border) mtg1raka Forcefield (black border) mtg1rakc Forcefield (white border) mtg1rala Time Vault (black border) mtg1ralc Time Vault (white border) mtg1rama Jayemdae Tome (black border) mtg1ramc Jayemdae Tome (white border) mtg1rana Nevinyrral's Disk (black border) mtg1ranc Nevinyrral's Disk (white border) mtg1raoa Kormus Bell (black border) mtg1raoc Kormus Bell (white border) mtg1rapa Helm of Chatzuk (black border) mtg1rapc Helm of Chatzuk (white border) mtg1raqa Mana Vault (black border) mtg1raqc Mana Vault (white border) mtg1rara Illusionary Mask (black border) mtg1rarc Illusionary Mask (white border) mtg1rb1a Nether Shadow (black border) mtg1rb1c Nether Shadow (white border) mtg1rb2a Royal Assassin (black border) mtg1rb2c Royal Assassin (white border) mtg1rb3a Demonic Attorney (black border) mtg1rb3c Demonic Attorney (white border) mtg1rb4a Nightmare (black border) mtg1rb4c Nightmare (white border) mtg1rb5a Darkpact (black border) mtg1rb5c Darkpact (white border) mtg1rb6a Deathlace (black border) mtg1rb6c Deathlace (white border) mtg1rb7a Lich (black border) mtg1rb7c Lich (white border) mtg1rb8a Zombie Master (black border) mtg1rb8c Zombie Master (white border) mtg1rb9a Demonic Hordes (upkeep cost is letter B, black border) mtg1rb9b Demonic Hordes (upkeep cost is black mana symbol, black border) mtg1rb9c Demonic Hordes (white border) mtg1rbaa Warp Artifact (black border) mtg1rbac Warp Artifact (white border) mtg1rbba Contract from Below (black border) mtg1rbbc Contract from Below (white border) mtg1rbca Lord of the Pit (black border) mtg1rbcc Lord of the Pit (white border) mtg1rbda Mind Twist (black border) mtg1rbdc Mind Twist (white border) mtg1rbea Bad Moon (black border) mtg1rbec Bad Moon (white border) mtg1rbfa Will-O'-The-Wisp (black border) mtg1rbfc Will-O'-The-Wisp (white border) mtg1rbga Word of Command (black border) mtg1rbgc Word of Command (white border) mtg1rg1a Fastbond (black border) mtg1rg1c Fastbond (white border) mtg1rg2a Living Artifact (black border) mtg1rg2c Living Artifact (white border) mtg1rg3a Living Lands (black border) mtg1rg3c Living Lands (white border) mtg1rg4a Natural Selection (black border) mtg1rg4c Natural Selection (white border) mtg1rg5a Lifelace (black border) mtg1rg5c Lifelace (white border) mtg1rg6a Aspect of Wolf (black border) mtg1rg6c Aspect of Wolf (white border) mtg1rg7a Cockatrice (black border) mtg1rg7c Cockatrice (white border) mtg1rg8a Fungusaur (black border) mtg1rg8c Fungusaur (white border) mtg1rg9a Force of Nature (upkeep is letter G, black border) mtg1rg9b Force of Nature (upkeep is green mana symbol, black border) mtg1rg9c Force of Nature (white border) mtg1rgaa Kudzu (black border) mtg1rgac Kudzu (white border) mtg1rgba Timber Wolves (black border) mtg1rgbc Timber Wolves (white border) mtg1rgca Gaea's Liege (black border) mtg1rgcc Gaea's Liege (white border) mtg1rgda Web (black border) mtg1rgdc Web (white border) mtg1rgea Elvish Archers (rated 1/2, black border) mtg1rgeb Elvish Archers (rated 2/1, black border) mtg1rgec Elvish Archers (white border) mtg1rgfa Verduran Enchantress (black border) mtg1rgfc Verduran Enchantress (white border) mtg1rgga Birds of Paradise (with // in text, black border) mtg1rggb Birds of Paradise (without // in text, black border) mtg1rggc Birds of Paradise (white border) mtg1rl1a Volcanic Island (black border) mtg1rl1c Volcanic Island (white border) mtg1rl2a Plateau (black border) mtg1rl2c Plateau (white border) mtg1rl3a Scrubland (black border) mtg1rl3c Scrubland (white border) mtg1rl4a Bayou (black border) mtg1rl4c Bayou (white border) mtg1rl5a Tropical Island (incorrect artist: Mark Poole, black border) mtg1rl5b Tropical Island (correct artist: Jesper Myrfors, black border) mtg1rl5c Tropical Island (white border) mtg1rl6a Tundra (black border) mtg1rl6c Tundra (white border) mtg1rl7a Savannah (black border) mtg1rl7c Savannah (white border) mtg1rl8a Taiga (black border) mtg1rl8c Taiga (white border) mtg1rl9a Badlands (black border) mtg1rl9c Badlands (white border) mtg1rlaa Underground Sea (black border) mtg1rlac Underground Sea (white border) mtg1rr1a Rock Hydra (letter R in text block, black border) mtg1rr1b Rock Hydra (red mana symbols in text block, black border) mtg1rr1c Rock Hydra (white border) mtg1rr2a Two-Headed Giant of Foriys (black border) mtg1rr2c Two-Headed Giant of Foriys (white border) mtg1rr3a Earthquake (black border) mtg1rr3c Earthquake (white border) mtg1rr4a Wheel of Fortune (black border) mtg1rr4c Wheel of Fortune (white border) mtg1rr5a Smoke (black border) mtg1rr5c Smoke (white border) mtg1rr6a Fork (black border) mtg1rr6c Fork (white border) mtg1rr7a Chaoslace (black border) mtg1rr7c Chaoslace (white border) mtg1rr8a Goblin King (black border) mtg1rr8c Goblin King (white border) mtg1rr9a Roc of Kher Ridges (black border) mtg1rr9c Roc of Kher Ridges (white border) mtg1rraa Mana Flare (black border) mtg1rrac Mana Flare (white border) mtg1rrba Granite Gargoyle (black border) mtg1rrbc Granite Gargoyle (white border) mtg1rrca Power Surge (black border) mtg1rrcc Power Surge (white border) mtg1rrda Raging River (black border) mtg1rrdc Raging River (white border) mtg1rrea Shivan Dragon (black border) mtg1rrec Shivan Dragon (white border) mtg1rrfa Manabarbs (black border) mtg1rrfc Manabarbs (white border) mtg1rrga Sedge Troll (incorrect artist: Jeff A. Menges, black border) mtg1rrgb Sedge Troll (correct artist: Dan Frazier, black border) mtg1rrgc Sedge Troll (white border) mtg1ru1a Volcanic Eruption (black border) mtg1ru1c Volcanic Eruption (white border) mtg1ru2a Timetwister (black border) mtg1ru2c Timetwister (white border) mtg1ru3a Braingeyser (black border) mtg1ru3c Braingeyser (white border) mtg1ru4a Drain Power (black border) mtg1ru4c Drain Power (white border) mtg1ru5a Copy Artifact (black border) mtg1ru5c Copy Artifact (white border) mtg1ru6a Thoughtlace (black border) mtg1ru6c Thoughtlace (white border) mtg1ru7a Lord of Atlantis (black border) mtg1ru7c Lord of Atlantis (white border) mtg1ru8a Vesuvan Doppelganger (black border) mtg1ru8c Vesuvan Doppelganger (white border) mtg1ru9a Mahamoti Djinn (black border) mtg1ru9c Mahamoti Djinn (white border) mtg1ruaa Mana Short (black border) mtg1ruab Mana Short ("Opponent takes no damage...", black border) mtg1ruac Mana Short (white border) mtg1ruba Magical Hack (black border) mtg1rubc Magical Hack (white border) mtg1ruca Sleight of Mind (black border) mtg1rucc Sleight of Mind (white border) mtg1ruda Ancestral Recall (black border) mtg1rudc Ancestral Recall (white border) mtg1ruea Time Walk (black border) mtg1ruec Time Walk (white border) mtg1rufa Pirate Ship (black border) mtg1rufc Pirate Ship (white border) mtg1ruga Stasis (black border) mtg1rugc Stasis (white border) mtg1rw1a Veteran Bodyguard (black border) mtg1rw1c Veteran Bodyguard (white border) mtg1rw2a Reverse Damage (black border) mtg1rw2c Reverse Damage (white border) mtg1rw3a Purelace (black border) mtg1rw3c Purelace (white border) mtg1rw4a Armageddon (black border) mtg1rw4c Armageddon (white border) mtg1rw5a Farmstead (black border) mtg1rw5c Farmstead (white border) mtg1rw6a Savannah Lions (black border) mtg1rw6c Savannah Lions (white border) mtg1rw7a Animate Wall (black border) mtg1rw7c Animate Wall (white border) mtg1rw8a Balance (black border) mtg1rw8c Balance (white border) mtg1rw9a Northern Paladin (black border) mtg1rw9c Northern Paladin (white border) mtg1rwaa Crusade (black border) mtg1rwac Crusade (white border) mtg1rwba Wrath of God (black border) mtg1rwbc Wrath of God (white border) mtg1rwca Blaze of Glory (black border) mtg1rwcc Blaze of Glory (white border) mtg1rwda Blessing (black border) mtg1rwdc Blessing (white border) mtg1rwea Righteousness (black border) mtg1rwec Righteousness (white border) mtg1rwfa Personal Incarnation (black border) mtg1rwfc Personal Incarnation (white border) mtg1rwga Island Sanctuary ("may damage you", black border) mtg1rwgb Island Sanctuary ("may attack you", black border) mtg1rwgc Island Sanctuary (white border) mtg1zw1a Proposal