News From The Snark: Antiquities Eaten By Megastore?

March 13, 1994

This message was forwarded to me from Jennifer Schlickbernd, our Compuserve NetRep.
>The rumor going around game dealers on the east coast is that WalMart (yep,
>WalMart) bought $10 million of MTG cards and they are getting 1/3 to 1/2 of
>the total Antq. shipments.
>This is the reason for everyone being shorted on their initial orders.  Any

I don't feel I can comment on who our customers are. However, IF WalMart were buying a bunch of Magic cards, we would NOT short other customers' orders. If they'd gotten their order in by the deadline, we'd have printed enough to cover it. If they hadn't, we wouldn't sell them any.

I believe everybody will be getting all the cards they ordered, they're just coming in two or three waves instead of all at once. We keep upping orders on poor Carta Mundi, who has pointed out that if we could just warn them farther ahead of time, they'd be much better at meeting schedules. We agree, and can only bemoan our fate. :)

Dave Howell, aka Snark

Cyberspace Liaison, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.