Checklist for Arabian Nights

Yea, this one was pretty complicated. But very informative!

The file timestamp is February 17th, 1994, 1:22 am

News From The Snark: Arabian Nights Checklist, Take Two Official Wizards of the Coast Card Codes: Magic: The Gathering, Arabian Nights 17 Feb 1994: With errata (The first list had incorrect information for Naf's Asp, Sandstorm, and Desert Nomads). The a variant of an Arabian Nights card has colorless mana symbols that are smaller than regular symbols and colored as the card is, only darker. Black mana symbols are a brownish gray. All b variants of cards have clear gray circles for colorless mana and neutral gray back circles for black mana symbols. The number after a card is the number of times it appeared on the printing plate. Common cards have the number in {brackets}, and uncommon cards have their number in (parenthesis). The common plate was printed 3:1 against the uncommon. Thus, a card with a (3) behind the name occured three times on the uncommon plate. Note that due to the limitation of ASCII text, the diacritical marks are not present on those names that should have them. _m = Magic | _an1 = Arabian Nights | | _c = Common, u = Uncommon | | | _White, Red, Black, blUe, Green, Land, Artifact | | || _Card number within this group | | ||| _Variant |---|||| man1uw1a Abu Ja'far (3) man1ur5a Aladdin (2) man1uaea Aladdin's Lamp (2) man1uada Aladdin's Ring (2) man1ur4a Ali Baba (3) man1ur6a Ali from Cairo (2) man1cw1a Army of Allah {3} man1cw1b Army of Allah {1} man1ul3a Bazaar of Baghdad (3) man1cr4a Bird Maiden {2} man1cr4b Bird Maiden {2} man1ua9a Bottle of Suleiman (2) man1ua1a Brass Man (3) man1cw5a Camel {5} man1ua5a City in a Bottle (2) man1ul5a City of Brass (3) man1cb3a Cuombajj Witches {4} man1ug5a Cyclone (3) man1uaaa Dancing Scimitar (2) man1cu2a Dandan {4} man1cl1a Desert {11} man1cr2a Desert Nomads {4} man1ug4a Desert Twister (3) man1ul7a Diamond Valley (2) man1ug3a Drop of Honey (2) man1ua6a Ebony Horse (2) man1ub1a El-Hajjaj (2) man1ul1a Elephant Graveyard (2) man1cb5a Erg Raiders {3} man1cb5b Erg Raiders {2} man1ug1a Erhnam Djinn (2) man1uw4a Eye for an Eye (3) man1cu4a Fishliver Oil {3} man1cu4b Fishliver Oil {1} man1ua3a Flying Carpet (3) man1cu1a Flying Men {5} man1cg5a Ghazban Ogre {4} man1cu3a Giant Tortoise {3} man1cu3b Giant Tortoise {1} man1ub6a Guardian Beast (2) man1cb2a Hasran Ogress {3} man1cb2b Hasran Ogress {2} man1cr1a Hurr Jackal {4} man1ug2a Ifh-Biff Efreet (2) man1uu3a Island Fish Jasconius (2) man1ul2a Island of Wak-Wak (2) man1uaba Jandor's Ring (2) man1ua8a Jandor's Saddlebags (2) man1ua7a Jeweled Bird (3) man1uw6a Jihad (2) man1ub5a Junun Efreet (2) man1ub4a Juzam Djinn (2) man1ub2a Khabal Ghoul (3) man1uw2a King Suleiman (2) man1cr5a Kird Ape {5} man1ul4a Library of Alexandria (3) man1ur3a Magnetic Mountain (3) man1uu1a Merchant Ship (3) man1cg1a Metamorphosis {4} man1ur1a Mijae Djinn (2) man1cw3a Moorish Cavalry {4} man1cw3b Moorish Cavalry {1} man1cl2a Mountain {1} man1cg3a Nafs Asp {3} man1cg3b Nafs Asp {2} man1ul6a Oasis (4) man1uu2a Old Man of the Sea (2) man1cb4a Oubliette {2} man1cb4b Oubliette {2} man1cw2a Piety {3} man1cw2b Piety {1} man1ua2a Pyramids (2) man1uw5a Repentant Blacksmith (2) man1uaca Ring of Ma'ruf (2) man1cr3a Rukh Egg {3} man1cr3b Rukh Egg {1} man1ua4a Sandals of Abdallah (3) man1cg4a Sandstorm {4} man1uu5a Serendib Djinn (2) man1uu6a Serendib Efreet (2) man1uw3a Shahrazad (2) man1uu4a Sindbad (3) man1ug6a Singing Tree (2) man1ub3a Sorceress Queen (3) man1cb1a Stone-Throwing Devils {3} man1cb1b Stone-Throwing Devils {1} man1cu5a Unstable Mutation {5} man1cw4a War Elephant {3} man1cw4b War Elephant {1} man1cg2a Wyluli Wolf {4} man1cg2b Wyluli Wolf {1} man1ur2a Ydwen Efreet (2)