A Statement of Mission

Editor's Note: This mission statement has since been amended to drop "comic books" from the emphasis.

Our Mission Statement:

Foolscap will be a medium-sized convention (450-700 people) emphasizing books, comic books, and art. Foolscap will

Be conducive to the conducting of business by industry professionals.
Be intellectually stimulating.
Strengthen the links among the various groups of fans in the northwest.
Be an arena for new people to discover SF and convention fandom.

Secondary themes include exploring innovative new approaches and techniques for conventions, and providing a place for people to 'cut their teeth' on running conventions.

The Four B's

I've found that our four goals can be summarized as the Four B's.

an environment conducive to
feeding and care of through stimulation and education
the building of between genres and fan groups
what we want new proto-fans to feel when they attend.

From the May 1997 Voomvention meeting notes:

There was some discussion around labeling our interest as a convention flat media, to distinguish it from film/tv/costume/etc, but we don't really want to discourage non-2D things like sculpture or, say, filking. The point we're making is that a focus on the written word and the drawn/painted piece is whatwe want.