The History of Our Name

The original working title of the event was "Voomcon." (I can't post the reason why here; ask me in person). This became "Voomvention" for a while.

From the Jan '98 minutes:
V. Naming
We all worked at coming up with a definitive name for the con, with many names being thrown about focusing on the 'paper' subject (Pulp, Arches, Bookworm, Cold Press, Hot Type, and Ream [!]), culminating in Dave's suggestion of 'Foolscap', which he has already mentioned on-line. The committee agreed that it seemed a promising name.

Apparently it was, since it's still here.


The Voom prefix is why the parent corporation of Foolscap is "Little Cat Z, Inc." If you don't understand that reference, you need to re-read Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Or, you can read a summary of it as part of this fascinating review from an erotica web site. There's also an article about how the iMac has the Voom Factor, how a reference work/database for migrating from "R4" to "R5" (No, I don't know either) is "the 'Voom' under Little Cat Z's hat", and an article about data recovery firm Voom Technologies.

Finally, a rather spooky little crossover. The Big Game Show for F1 and F2 was called "Who Said That?!" The Seussville web site at Random House has an online game, called "Who Said That?"