Disk Image*App Launcher 3.1

Updated January 15, 2004

I like to have the music and dialog when I play Hoyle's Card Games, but I hate having to find the CDROM to get that. So I made a disk image of the CDROM, and when I want to play, I mount that. Same for Railroad Tycoon II, and Tropico.

Except that I got tired of having to mount the image first, then run the program. So this script does it all in one double-click.


A game that will run if an image of its CDROM is mounted.

How To Use It

Once its configured, just double click it. The disk image will be mounted if needed, and the game will get launched.

There are two ways to configure it. The first time you run it, it will ask you to find the disk image file and the application file that you want to have run.

Even easier, however, is to simply drop the .dmg and the game onto the icon. This is also how you can change the configuration once it's been set up. A requester will pop up when you drop a file on it telling you how it's configured.

Warning! See "Potential Problems" below.

How It Works

When you drop a file on it, it checks to see if its an app. If it is, then it gets assigned to the "App to Run" property.

If it's a disk image file, then it gets assigned to that property. In addition, the script mounts the image, and waits until a new drive appears. It records the name of this new drive as well, on the assumption that it must be the "disk" contained in the disk image file.

So when you just run the script, it looks for a drive with the disk name. If it can't find one, it will mount the image and wait until the right disk "appears."

Once the right disk is available, it runs the program.

Potential Problems

Make sure the disk image is not mounted when you configure the script! I cannot find any way to actually determine what the name of the disk will be when you mount a script, so when the script is configuring, it simply mounts the image, and waits for a new drive to appear. If the image is already mounted, then no "new" drive is going to show up, and eventually the script will time out.

   Once it's configured, this isn't a problem anymore.

   One more thing: some programs won't work unless the actual silver CDROM is in the drive; a disk image isn't good enough.

The Script

You can download it as a Zip archive. Double-click the archive to unpack it, if your browser doesn't do that for you when you download it.

Kudos & Cover

This application is an original work by Dave Howell, and is copyright 2004. Others are welcome to download it, use it, make modifications, and adapt it, as long as appropriate credit/notice is retained.  Please do not distribute this application without written permission from me. Distributing a link or pointer to this page is fine.

If you find this script useful or handy, all I ask is that you take the time to drop me an email at dh.scripts07@howell.seattle.wa.us and say so. The more feedback I get (even negative feedback, to a certain degree) the more motivation I have to prepare some of my other scripts for posting, after all. Thanks.