Big Box of Blox Score Exchanger 1.4

January 14, 2007

This is a program for Mac users of Big Box of Blox, a groovy Tetris-ish game from Digital Eel.

The name pretty much tells you what to expect. Big Box of Blox Score Exchanger ("BBBX") lets you merge high scores between different copies of Big Box of Blox. Why? So that you can try to beat your friends' scores, and vice versa, and keep track of that right in the program itself.

How To Use It


A copy of Big Box of Blox for the Mac, and a Mac. It was written using OSX 10.3 and Big Box of Blox 1.1. I'd be astonished if it didn't work just fine using 10.4 or even 10.5, and it'll probably work under earlier versions of OSX, too. Neither BBBX nor Blox runs under OS 9 or older, though.

A Few Details

The exchange file contains the scores from all five high score tables, but doesn't include scores where the player's name is "Dr. Lucky." The file is a binary file with a format similar to the high score files themselves. The program doesn't currently let you export or import only some of the scores.

The Application

You can download it as a Zip archive. Double-click the archive to unpack it, if your browser doesn't do that for you when you download it.

Fine Print

This application is an original work by Dave Howell, and is copyright 2007. I grant individuals the right to use this application at no charge. Permission is expressly granted to Digital Eel, Inc. (the creators of Big Box of Blox) to distribute this file from their web site. Other organizations (including but not limited to shareware web sites) must either distribute just a link to my site or contact me for permission to distribute the program itself.

The icons for BBBX are derivative artwork based on the iconic artwork of Big Box of Blox. That artwork is copyright 2003 Digital Eel (I think).

If you find this script useful or handy, all I ask is that you take the time to drop me an email at and say so. The more feedback I get (even negative feedback, to a certain degree) the more motivation I have to prepare some of my other programs for posting, after all. Thanks.