The Twister Deck

A strategic variation of Twister for six players.

Twister! Fun! Although once you start trying to get grown-ups to play, some of them mutter about how they don’t bend like that any more, blah blah blah. Anyway, for reasons I can no longer recall, one day I invented the Twister Deck.

Instead of using the spinner, you rope two more players into the game and split into two teams. One member of each team is the Strategist, and will be sitting (or standing) off to one side. The other two team members are Twisters and get their stockinged feet ready to start touching colors on the mat.

The Play

Each Strategist has a hand of four cards. One of them has Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue, and the other has Left Hand, Left Foot, Right Hand, Right Foot. They each select a card, play them face down, then flip them over. That’s what the Twister players have to do, just like if the spinner had picked it.

Now the Strategists trade cards, and do it again.

Once one Strategist has placed a card face down, the other Strategist should play their card within five seconds, or the first player can call “slow play” and select a card randomly from the other player’s hand.


What a Strategist is trying to figure out is, what color or body part will be most inconvenient for the other team. Of course, that depends a lot on what the other Strategist might pick. The “slow play” rule keeps one Strategist from just dragging the game out because the other team is in a really strenuous position, and they’re going to just get tired and collapse.

The Deck

Download and print the PDF onto the front and back of a sheet of US-Letter-sized paper. Cut it apart on the provided little crop marks, and (if you can) round off the corners. Enjoy!