The Balrog of Happiness

Another amusing bit of lint that blew out from under the bedstead of history is this little thing. I have absolutely no memory of creating this, but it's perfectly obvious to me in retrospect what I had in mind. This is a one-card typesetting master control file, with a made-up card that would include pretty much everything that real Magic cards would require, but all in one single card.

+CARD Test Balrog 4-281-35 1WBRUG Summon Happiness Red \artist 9/9 \tap: Make everybody be happy. Spend \mana{3} to add dancing and singing to the festivities, and possibly confetti. +ENDCARD

There's letters and numbers in the title, every color of mana in the casting cost, and a tap symbol and mana symbol in the text block. And happiness! What more could one want?