20th Reunion, Walla Walla High School Class of 1985

Pictures taken by myself and various classmates (as credited) of other classmates at our 20th high school reunion. Last names abbreviated for privacy. I did the annotations a few months after the reunion; it just took me four more years to export them to a web page. I suppose it's actually a miracle I got them up before the 25th reunion. Click on a photo to see a bigger version, naturally. Anybody who can identify somebody currently designated by question marks should drop me a line at dh.20th@GrandFenwick.net.


Jeff H, Ellen M, Sam ?

Charise L, Kari L (neé B)

Mike C

Jeannie C, Ellen M

Mike M and wife Kristin, Craig N

Dia E (neé M)

Go, Blue Devils!

Art F and Mike P

Kip S, Bekki J, and Mark M

Tricia C, Bekki J

Monica C, Heidi R

Doug P with spouse

Cathy (neé C) A, Craig N, and Craig's friend Sunnya

Mark M (right) and spouse

??? and Laurie H

Bob G and spouse

Nancy S, April S's spouse Jim, Bob F, Bob F's spouse

Linda (neé L) ? and spouse Tony putting
years of ballroom dancing to good use.
Robin B and spouse in background

More fancy footwork from Linda (neé L) ? and spouse Tony

The dance ends with a kiss.
Linda (neé L) ?? and husband Tony (left), Robin B and spouse (right)

Dave H (on right) and husband Eric Y

Linda (neé L) ? and spouse Tony

Rick H with spouse (left) and Tammy C (right)

Jim W and spouse, Chris B and spouse

Sheree H, Leanne W (neé F) and husband Jesse. Greg A in background.

Craig N, Ellen M, Barb B, Kristin M and Barb's spouse

Derrick P and wife Zandra

???, Randi T, Kristi V and Cody H

Cody H and spouse

Dennis H, ???, Aileen (spouse of Matt G)

Aleski S (Finnish exchange student), Gordy P, Dennis H

Dave H, Jeannie (neé C) C, and Linda (neé L) ?

Rocky B, Ronnie D, Kevin (husband of Amy B)

Gordy P, Dennis H

Dave H (blue shirt) with spouse Eric Y on left,
Linda (neé L) ? with spouse Tony on right.
??? with Dia E (neé M) in background.

Kip's spouse, ???, Amy R, Kip S

Chari (aka Cherise, aka Chico) L, Keith S

Amy B, Lisa C

Thad S and spouse

Rocky B, ???, Ronnie D

Carol K with spouse John S, Bekki J, Trish C

Mike M and wife Kristin

Lisa V, Dia E (neé M)

Suzy M

Kari R (neé B, on right, of course) with husband Steve

Dave H (right) with husband Eric Y

Tami (neé B) N