Highlights from our Trip to England, 2010

The spectacular ruins of Kenilworth Castle.
We couldn't decide if this sign meant "Road Bends to Left Up Ahead" or "Beware Erectile Dysfunction"
The V&A had a gorgeous display of 18th century scientific objects.
I think this was for calculating tides. Who cares? It's so beautiful and shiny!
Quad-nested Klein Bottle
An actual, real-life Difference Engine! I left puddles of drool on the floor, I'm sure.
The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a madhouse, and unless you're right up against the fence, you can't really hear what they're playing. But afterwards, they march right down the street, and everybody else has already left.
Yes, I'm a special kind of geek. Looking into this restaurant at an angle, you can easily see the sign in the window and the counter beyond. . . .
But when one looks straight through the same window, its reflectivity skyrockets, and nothing of the interior can be seen. Some kind of clever coating I guess. Neat!
At the V&A, their replica of David was sharing space with some very contemporary temporary exhibits. I liked the idea of him peeking over the wall.
And lo. The actual honest-to-gosh Rosetta Stone. Kind of like a scientific version of the Shroud of Turin; an awesome holy relic. (But less fake!)
I couldn't resist the opportunity to make an artistic statement in the preposterously huge, and dismayingly empty, main hall at the Tate Modern.
The British Library offered me another chance to make an artistic statement. Or just amuse myself, as you like.
Eric and I did happen to pass a couple of landmark avenues that we couldn't let go unremarked.
Hot Pies, and now Muffins. It's all about the baked goods in London.